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PACKAGES INCLUDE MULTIPLE CAMERAS, HD VIDEOGRAPHY, PAGE LINK, GRAPHICS IN LIVESTREAM, PA PACKAGE (speakers,microphone) Price may very depending on location, service length, and equipment needed.



    Contract Terms

    This agreement, dated _________between ___________________________ hereinafter referred to as CLIENT and All In One Productions, hereinafter referred to as Video Tech at their respective addresses listed above.

     Contract Terms

    Therefore, in consideration of the mutual written promises contained herein, both parties agree as follows:


    1. This agreement shall be for the period of one livestream event on the date and times as specified above. The equipment will be delivered to: _________________________


    2. The Video Tech agrees to provide the following service as described above, and the CLIENT agrees to provide or make arrangements for the following:


    • Access to the above area at least 2 to 3 hours prior to the service start time.

    • Outside events require adequate covered shelter for entire setup area.


    3. For the Video Tech services to be delivered pursuant to the terms and conditions of this agreement, the CLIENT will pay the Video Tech a fee of $________. The Video Tech in good faith will accept a FULL PAYMENT of $______.


    4. The CLIENT may terminate this agreement by delivering written notice of cancellation to the Video Tech. All deposits are non-refundable, however with a written notice thirty days prior to the service, the CLIENT may apply original deposit to a rescheduled date, subject to the Video Tech’s availability.


     5. CLIENT is liable to Video Tech for any damages to equipment used at the event resulting from vandalism or negligent action by the CLIENT and/or any of the persons attending or sponsoring the service. CLIENT will also be responsible for loss of internet connectivity during the broadcast only if the facility is providing internet access. Additions or revisions of this agreement must be in writing and endorsed by both parties.  To activate this agreement and to reserve your date, you must sign this agreement and return one copy with your deposit (if applicable) no later than ___________________

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